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I am many years into a "summer project" of yoga that my daughter and I started. Yoga is such a part of my life and my daughter's life that it surprises us both. Yoga for us has evolved as a part of daily living. We might not practice everyday, but we practice what yoga has given us. Now, some about me.I have had the honor of being a part of the medical community for many years. I strongly feel modern medicine and holistic medicine walk hand and hand to treat the whole person. I have found that yoga brings into daily life true balance,breath, and awareness to what is happening at the moment. Yoga is both enhancing and invigorating to the mind and spirit, and gives health and strength to the body. What more could one want? My daughter and I plan to be participating in yoga for many years to come, she even promised she would take me to class in my 80's. I intend to make her keep that promise.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Over the weekend on more than one occasion I noted my breathing.

That voice that rings within me, had a busy job this weekend saying over and over....Hey Paloma....your holding your breath. Breath. Well, I'd blink and take a half hearted effort in taking cleansing breath. 

After about the fourth time, I made myself look around at what was occurring to see if my surroundings were causing me to hold my breath....I recognized no major problems, really just normal family energies.

Hmmmmm, I pondered. I was grateful that my inner self was at least paying attention. I let it go sent up another prayer of thanks and kept moving.

When I again noted that tight chested feeling and that how do you say... half breathing. I got up from what I was doing and stepped outside. I shut my eyes, spread my arms wide, and went back to basics.

In through the nose, tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth, swinging the door open... 1-2-3-4; Out through the mouth, swinging the door shut...1-2-3-4 Concentrating only on my breath and how the flow of air felt.

With my head clear and O2 flowing through my brain. I was able to become still. Maybe I was really cramming too much into these past few days.

For the rest of the evening my breath and I were buddies. We paid attention to each other. We were friends again.

So, remember..... Take time to breath. Pay attention to that voice that lays within you. Five min. of good solid cleansing breaths.....will go along way!!!!  

Blessings all,

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