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I am many years into a "summer project" of yoga that my daughter and I started. Yoga is such a part of my life and my daughter's life that it surprises us both. Yoga for us has evolved as a part of daily living. We might not practice everyday, but we practice what yoga has given us. Now, some about me.I have had the honor of being a part of the medical community for many years. I strongly feel modern medicine and holistic medicine walk hand and hand to treat the whole person. I have found that yoga brings into daily life true balance,breath, and awareness to what is happening at the moment. Yoga is both enhancing and invigorating to the mind and spirit, and gives health and strength to the body. What more could one want? My daughter and I plan to be participating in yoga for many years to come, she even promised she would take me to class in my 80's. I intend to make her keep that promise.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Honk, Honk....

"...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and 9 out of 10 times it will NOT be an oncoming 18 wheeler." -Paloma

Smiles and Blessings to everyone. ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Think or not to Think...

Think or not to Think….

…That is the question!

I have noticed myself  “thinking“ during these hot summer days...

…About life and health,

                        About family, past present and future,

                                                About what lies ahead in this path of life I am on.
                                                                         About what lies ahead, for this old world.

Then I noticed that my thinking has turned to pondering.

Ponder: Verb, to think about something carefully, esp. before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

Hmmm, I ponder the definition of ponder.  I chuckle at myself for pondering the mere definitions of ponder.

Must be the heat getting to me. That’s what the old timer’s would say. It’s the heat.

As I sit and ponder, I notice my body stills, my breath slows, and my heart beats relaxed.

I actively ponder.  My mind is being exercised. Opinions form, ideas are created, memories come, goals made.

I conclude thinking that leads to actively pondering is good for the soul.  Good for the self.

Have you thought today?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was flipping through one of my books that I enjoy and I came across a passage that I wanted to share.

As you arrive somewhere, see if it feels right in your heart. If it doesn't, then change direction.

Keep following what feels good to your heart until you find that place again-you will know that you've arrived at the right place when you feel that love that you had before you left.

Life has many directions. It's up to each person to choose which direction to go.

The freedom to choose is a great gift.  The choice might lead you to a blind spot, a place where there seems to be no opening, but if you keep trying, a pattern forms and you can always listen to your heart, for it knows what is best for you.

Notice the pattern, notice how your mind works in conjunction with how your heart feels at certain stages in life, and use that as a guideline.

Your life may sometimes seem like a maze, but there is a way out. It's about choices.

This thing we call life, is truly a case of trial and error and finding a way out of the maze.

May a smile or two find everyone,